We help our clients to realize the promise of AI and to augment business value.

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Predictive Maintenance for High Value Assets

Recognition & Media Mentions

Winner, Dare to Dream 2.0 Innovation Contest
Data Driven Health Monitoring and Early Warning Diagnostic Tools for Aero Gas Turbine Engines

Hon. Defense Minister, Government of India, giving Dare to Dream 2.0 award to Mr. Rahul Lahane, Founder and CEO, ChiStats.

Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0

Early and accurate predictions enable actionable insights. Actionable insights enable superior customer service, disrupt business models and create newer value propositions.

Power your Lead Generation platform with intelligent predictive analysis.
See how we are helping a new age FinTech company leverage our predictive analysis platform for the leads generated through their online portal.

Our Focus

We enable enterprises realize the multitude of opportunities possible by combining the power of data science into their products and services

Data Advisory

Data tells a story, and with the right analysis of data one can obtain a 360-degree view of the business. Data assessment entails creating a plan to use data in an intelligent way to achieve business objectives.

AI Consulting

Applying Data Science and Artificial Intelligence across an organization requires a strong executive alignment on the strategy and coordinated approach, much more than the latest technologies and modelling techniques.

AI Software Development

We combine our deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence and enable machines to leverage data and automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed for; just like humans do.

Why Us

We are committed to enhance, accelerate, and augment decisions that drive new business value and newer disruptive models for our clients. And we do so, by helping clients embrace intelligent technologies confidently and responsibly.


Decades of cross-functional expertise in IT Consulting, Engineering, and Business Management

One stop AI Lab!

Supported with strong R&D practise we work across Data Science projects

Engagement Model

Our collaborative approach gives sufficient room to our clients to experiment on multiple use cases.


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