Machine Learning

Enable machines automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed for; just like humans do. Co-create enterprise-grade SaaS software with ML capabilities to enhance existing enterprise product offerings or build new business processes that can interpret complex data, detect trends, and identify patterns and more!

Natural Language Processing

We enable solutions to understand human language truly. It uncovers the insights from unstructured content, such as emails, social media, videos, customer reviews, and more.

  • Text analytics solution
    Text mining, text extraction, entity extraction, content categorization, content clustering, fact extraction, relationship extraction.
  • Query understanding
    Search relevance and personalization

Our Service Offerings

Product Engineering

We combine our deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence with your product engineering expertise and help realize highly intelligent and interactive AI systems and applications.

Process Automation

Better customer service, ease out operations, improve efficiency and create savings –automate with our custom build intelligent process automation platforms.

Team Augmentation

Accelerate high performance with the right skills at the right cost. Our co-creation model binds us on the selected key result areas (KRA’s) and gives enough room to clients to experiment on different use cases.

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